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Helping God's Children Make Good Choices ~ for Life!

Our goal at Shae's Place is to provide a safe place where students can be themselves and learn to make good choices that will positively affect their lives.  Each afternoon our students meet, our students have a designated time to work on their school work, explore their interest through art, music, and play, as well as learn what God's plan for them is through Bible study.


Tutoring & Mentoring

Shae's Place offers a safe place where students can receive help with their school work and decision making. We strive to make sure our students recognize how their choices will effect their lives.​

Biblical Based Counseling

Ms. Keren offers Bible based counseling to our students and when necessary can refer them to a professional family counselor.

Community Service

Shae's Place students participate in many community service projects through out the year including raising money for the Ronald McDonald House in Mobile, AL and food drives for Sue's House a local shelter for homeless women and children.

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